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2014-2015 Undergraduate College Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Parking and Transportation

Champlain College’s campus parking policies are updated from time to time. Find the most up-to-date campus parking policy information and permit applications at www.champlain.edu/Parking-Information.html.

Vehicle Registration

All full-time and part-time Champlain College students, faculty and staff must register their vehicles with the Campus Public Safety Office and park in their assigned zones. Failure to park in your assigned zone-including city streets outside the parking zone map-will result in fines or towing and other College- imposed sanctions. Permits are issued by zone, and parking permit decals must be displayed on the vehicle. Only those vehicles with a valid permit for a particular zone may park in that zone. For example, residential students with Zone 6 permits may not park in Zone 7 at any time. The permit issuing process is repeated at the beginning of each semester. Campus maps indicating parking sites for commuter students are available at the time of registration.

Displaying Permits (Decals) on Vehicles

Permits must be properly displayed while vehicles are in the College’s assigned parking zones, including designated city streets. Vehicles not displaying the required permit will be cited for a fine and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Placement: Parking decals are removable and shall be affixed to the lower left corner of the front windshield on the driver’s side. They must be clearly visible through the front windshield.

Replacement Permits: Notify the Campus Public Safety Office immediately if your permit is lost or stolen. You can log on to www.ThePermitStore.com to request a replacement permit. There is a $10 processing fee for replacement permits.

Permits are not transferable: Permits may not be transferred to other individuals or used on vehicles not registered for that permit.


  • Campus Citations: Campus parking citations may be presented to the owner/operator in person, placed on the vehicle windshield or mailed. It is possible to receive a citation for more than one infraction at a time.
  • Appeals: Citation appeals must be made within 15 days of ticket issue and must be made online at www.scapay.com. Do not wait for further contact from the campus parking office. After 30 days, all outstanding fines will be submitted to the Student Accounts Office for collection and will be added to individual bills until settlement. Once fines are submitted for collection to the Student Accounts Office, you will no longer be able to appeal a citation and a $25 administrative fee will be added to the original fine.
  • Parking Prohibitions: The College prohibits all full-time and part-time Champlain College students, faculty and staff from parking on certain city streets, including, but not limited to, South Union Street from Maple Street to Cliff Street; Spruce Street; Bayview Street and Cliff Street.

    Campus parking permits are required to park on city street space claimed by the College as a parking spot. Please refer to the campus parking map to determine these areas. Failure to park in your assigned zone-including by parking on city streets on or outside the parking zone map-will result in fines and/or towing.
  • Zone 7 Parking: Under no circumstances are holders of Zone 6 Gilbane Lot parking permits ever allowed to park in Zone 7 parking areas. Zone 7 permit holders may park only in Zone 7 and are not permitted in any other zone 24/7.
  • Please note that the possession and operation of motor vehicles at Champlain College is a privilege, and that violating the College automobile rules may result in the loss of this privilege.
  • Towing: Vehicles with three or more unpaid tickets will be towed from campus. Vehicles operated by campus affiliates that are unregistered with Champlain College through IPARQ can be towed without warning. Champlain faculty, staff, students and affiliates parked outside Champlain College zones may be towed.

Shuttle Services:

All schedules for shuttles from satellite lots, including Spinner Place, are located on the College Web site, http://www.champlain.edu/transportation-and-parking-information/shuttle-information.html. Arrival times are also listed on the GPS screens in Lakeside, Spinner Place and Aiken Hall. Live GPS shuttle information is available on computers and mobile devices at shuttle.champlain.edu

Students are able to use shuttle options during the day and the University of Vermont (UVM) CATS off-campus shuttle for extended hours and weekends. The schedule is available at www.uvm.edu/tps. The CATS shuttle loop serves the hill section between downtown Burlington, UVM and Champlain College. Buses depart Royall Tyler Theatre on UVM’s campus on the hour and the half hour. The Champlain College stop is at Maple Street near Hauke Family Campus Center. Other stops on the route are designated by street signs. The CATS 24-hour shuttle schedule hotline number is (802) 656-8000.


Outdoor bike racks are available in multiple locations. Bicycles may not be stored in hallways, near fire escapes or in any manner that might obstruct access to or egress from any room. There are two indoor, secure, bike storage facilities available to residents on campus in Juniper Hall and Butler Hall.  To request access simply email reslife@champlain.edu.  All bikes should be taken home at the end of the spring semester.

Bus Passes:

With your CC Cash Card you’ll also be able to ride free on any Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA) bus throughout Burlington and, with the LINK Xpress pass (also free), to Middlebury, Milton, Montpelier and St. Albans.

Motor Vehicles on Campus

Residential students may not have vehicles on campus or park in College-operated lots from 8:00am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday. Residential students who require a vehicle for employment or medical reasons may be issued a permit for parking in Zone 5, The Main Street Suites.  In cases of medical need, proof is required in the form of a doctor’s documentation. In cases of employment, proof in the form of a letter from the employer stating the hours of work and a pay stub confirming hours worked is required. These exceptions are reviewed every semester or as individual circumstances change.

All other residential students may park their vehicles in the Gilbane Lot (Zone 2) free of charge. The Gilbane Lot is serviced by  shuttles that run to the main campus (see Shuttle Services below for details.)  Parking decals may be obtained for the Gilbane Lot at no charge. Gilbane permit holders are entitled to receive a Commute Smart card they may use to call for a taxi at times when the shuttle has stopped running.

Faculty, staff or students with physical disabilities should contact the Campus Public Safety Office for special parking permits. Spaces reserved for students with disabilities, emergency vehicles or designated employees of the College are strictly enforced. Those parking illegally in a disabled or other reserved parking area will be towed at their expense and/or subject to a fine. Parking in driveways is prohibited because these areas must remain free of obstruction for fire, emergency and service vehicles. In addition, vehicles left in parking lots for storage (not used at least once a week) will be towed.

Failure to register a motor vehicle with the College or comply with College regulations concerning the operation and use of motor vehicles can result in several disciplinary measures, including a fine, towing charges, withdrawal of permission to operate a motor vehicle on campus, and possible suspension or dismissal from the College.