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2023 - 2024 Traditional Undergraduate Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Traditional Undergraduate Catalog

InSight Program

InSight is a four-year Life Skills program developed by Career Collaborative. It offers  a one-of-a-kind “professional readiness” experience for undergraduate students at Champlain College. InSight is the third component of Champlain’s career focused education, alongside a student’s MAJOR and Core.  Through a student’s four years at Champlain, they will complete a series of InSight activities that focus on Career, Personal Finance, and Wellbeing. These pillars come together to create the cornerstone of a successful transition from college to career.

Pillar #1 = Career

Students will learn to navigate through the complex career development process and make confident decisions about your future. Topics include: internship and job search, application writing, interview skills, and communication and networking.

Pillar #2 = Personal Finance

Students will learn to make viable and reliable financial decisions. Topics include: salary negotiation and evaluation of compensation packages; budget management and cost of living analysis; debt and credit management; and student loan repayment strategies.

Pillar #3 = Wellbeing

Students will learn effective coping strategies in support of personal and environmental resilience. Topics include: social connectedness, self-management, purposeful living, and work-life integration.

Activities and Action Items due Each Year

InSight is an institutional requirement for all full-time undergraduate students. As such, students will need to complete all previously outlined milestones for each pillar before registering for classes each semester.

*New incoming students will receive detailed information over the summer about the milestones to be achieved and their specific due dates.


Milestones to be completed during YEAR 1:  

  • Activate your account on Handshake (our career management platform), where you will upload your existing resume.

  • Complete an Incoming InSight Survey, where you’ll answer self reflection questions around career readiness, personal finance, and wellbeing. .

  • Attend a career activity of your choice (called a “CAREERTalk”)*. You can select one activity from a list of options we’ll propose to you.

  • Participate in Game of Life, where you will produce a Budget Report based on a simulation of your financial life after graduation.

Milestones to be completed during YEAR 2:

  • Attend Sophomore Summit, a conference-style event with a keynote and breakout sessions where you’ll draft and improve your resume and LinkedIn profile.

  • Attend a wellbeing activity of your choice (called “CARETalk”). You can select one activity from a list of options we’ll propose to you.

  • Complete a virtual training on Helping Peers in Distress. 

Milestones to be completed during YEAR 3:

  • Attend a Career Fair and interact with employers in your fields of interest. 

  • Draft a cover letter.

  • Attend a Salary Negotiation & Compensation MONEYTalk and produce a Cost of Living Analysis.

  • Attend a CAREERTalk(a career activity of your choice)*. You’ll have several different eligible career-advancing topics to choose from throughout the academic year.

  • Attend a Purposeful Living Event that discusses the intersectionality of your career path and your wellbeing. You’ll have several PL events to choose from throughout the year. 

Milestones to be completed during YEAR 4:

  • Attend a Career Fair and interact with employers in your fields of interest.

  • Attend a Student Loan Repayment MONEYTalk and produce your personalized Repayment Action Plan for after graduation.

  • Complete the Exit InSight Survey Complete the Graduation Survey. 

IMPORTANT: InSight is a required co-curricular experience for students and part of Champlain’s unique learning model. As such, students must complete all required milestones by their expected due dates prior to registering for the next semester’s courses. 

(*) A minimum of one activity is required for each “CAREERTalk, MONEYTalk, or CARETalk” milestone. You are encouraged to participate in as many activities as you like.

Questions regarding InSight can be directed to careercollaborative@champlain.edu or (802) 860-2720.