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2023 - 2024 Champlain College Online Undergraduate Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Champlain College Online Undergraduate Catalog

Student Services

Academic Support

Effective academic support outside the classroom can be as vital to academic success as what happens inside the classroom. Champlain College’s SMART Space provides a range of academic support services designed to help students meet their educational and career goals. Students can easily access SMART Space coaching and tutoring services in their main location on the 2nd floor of Miller Information Commons (MIC).  The SMART Space offers the following academic support services:

Academic Coaching  

Champlain’s professional academic coaches work with students in individual and group sessions on areas such as: self-advocacy, goal-setting, motivation, mindfulness, and executive function skills (time-management, organizational strategies, study strategies, test preparation, and reading comprehension skills). Students can make an appointment online attrac.champlain.edu and login with their Champlain credentials to choose the best appointment time for them.


Online Tutoring Through BRAINFUSE

Champlain has contracted with Brainfuse to provide real-time online tutoring to students, available on a 24/7 basis. Brainfuse tutors, who are teachers with advanced degrees, offer live, on-demand support for math, business, writing, sciences, programming, and technology. Brainfuse also offers a range of tutorials. Students can access Brainfuse through the College portal.


Tutoring for English Language Learners (ELL)

Champlain provides a professional educator trained in tutoring bilingual and multilingual students whose native language is not English. Tutoring is provided one-on-one and in small group settings and on-line. To make an appointment, login to trac.champlain.edu and find an appointment time with Diana Clayton.


Tutoring Labs with Student Tutors

Champlain supports several “Labs” staffed by trained students who provide content tutoring in the most high demand areas including: Accounting and Finance, Programming, Math, Writing, Cybersecurity and Networking, Digital Forensics, and Game Studio. For more information and hours of operation, select the link below.

Academic Support and CoachingServices

Mindfulness Practice and Stress Management Tools

The SMART Space also offers  guided mindfulness group sessions and quiet study spaces.

Services from Stern Center for Language and Learning

In addition to the College’s own academic coaches, students may access the services of the Stern Center for Language and Learning on Champlain’s campus for an additional fee, arranged directly with the Stern Center. The Stern Center’s academic coaches assist students with building skills in executive functioning, social thinking, writing, reading and math. Contact them directly http://www.sterncenter.org/contact for more information about their services and fees.


Academic Recovery Program

The Academic Recovery Program is an initiative that will begin in fall 2023 in order to centralize the process and measure the program’s success.  This program allows students on probation to choose their option for recovery (individual coaching or a facilitated group offered through SMART Space) in addition to the requirements set out by the Dean of their division. The focus for individual coaching and a facilitated group is on goal setting, time management, and how actions impact GPA.  It is the goal of SMART Space to ensure that each student has access to the tools that will create academic success.

Transfer Transitions

The Transfer Transitions program is for incoming transfer students. The program will provide a unique orientation, one hour programs (optional) during their first 6 weeks on campus, and continued guidance and support from the SMART Space throughout their college experience at Champlain. 

Campus Store

The Champlain College Campus Store is located on the first floor of the CCM building and open hours can be found at https://www.bkstr.com/champlaincollegestore/store-hours . To contact the store, visit ChamplainCampusStore.com, call 802-863-8961 or email CampusStore@champlain.edu.

The campus store offers all required textbooks and course materials, as well as school and art supplies. There is also a wide selection of convenience items available, such as local coffee, snacks, drinks, stamps, and health and beauty products. The campus store offers a variety of exclusive Champlain College merchandise (t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, drinkware, and more). For a wider merchandise selection, shop online at ChamplainGear.com. Suggestions for new items are always welcome.

With affordability in mind, the campus store proudly offers their Best Price Promise on textbooks, matching any price found anywhere else.. We encourage you to obtain your books through the campus store to receive the best service, the correct book, and the best price. Students who order their books from other sources will not be eligible for tuition refunds if those books arrive late and jeopardize their ability to begin their coursework.

The cheapest option for obtaining your books is typically renting your books, as rental prices can be up to 80%-off the purchase price. Rental books must be returned in reusable condition by the last day of finals each semester. Filling out a one-time rental registration (in-store or online) will allow you to continue to rent textbooks throughout your Champlain experience. A credit card is required as collateral when filling out your rental registration.

We highly recommend ordering online at ChamplainCampusStore.com once your course schedule is set. Online orders can be shipped to your home, or you can select free in-store pickup and have the books waiting for you when you arrive on campus.  For in-store pickups, you must bring your ID and/or emailed order confirmation. A separate line will be formed for in-store pickup orders to help you avoid the longer lines at the registers. Ordering your books early will give you a better chance of reserving cheaper, used copies before they run out of stock.

When placing an online order, you may see as many as five options for each of your required course materials, including renting or purchasing new, used, and digital texts. All options can be ordered online or in-store. During the first two weeks of class, all course materials can be refunded or exchanged with receipt and in the same condition as when they were obtained.

For those who prefer to get their books in-store, please bring your student ID with you, so that the store team can assist you with locating your course materials. The textbooks are arranged alphabetically by author’s last name. You can visit txbk.info/champlain to retrieve your list of required books sorted by author’s last name.

At the end of the semester, please bring your rented books directly back to the campus store by the last day of finals. While you can attempt to sell books to the campus store on any day, you will usually receive the best value during finals week.

Library Services

The Champlain College library is housed in the Robert E. & Holly D. Miller Information Commons and provides information services to support the research and instructional needs of the Champlain College community. The library provides books, periodicals, online journals, e-books and audiovisual materials, as well as circulating laptops, chromebooks, and drawing tablets. In addition to these resources, the library is home to a team of faculty librarians available to assist you with your research as well as provide interlibrary loan services and instruction sessions for students and faculty. The Information Commons houses computing labs and quiet study rooms for individual or group student use.

The library is open around 100 hours per week during the school year. Reference librarians are available to assist students during most open hours. Hours for holidays and intersession periods are posted on the library Website before each break. The full list of library policies and procedures, as well as contact information for library staff, may be found on the library Website: www.champlain.edu/Library.html.

Military and Veteran Services

Veterans and Military Services Office

The Veterans and Military Services Office provides support to students who are veterans or currently in the military and their dependents. The office offers a wide range of services, which include:

  • VA and military education benefits counseling

  • Certification of enrollment to the VA

  • VA financial processing

  • Troubleshooting VA and military education benefit issues

  • Advocate for military and veterans on campus

  • Coordinate services with VA vocational rehabilitation counselors

  • Assistance completing: Veterans Online Application (VONAPP), Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or other related applications

Military and Veteran Education Benefits

Champlain College is recognized as a military-friendly institution. We are committed to supporting our veteran and military students and their dependents through participation in numerous veteran and military education programs. These include:

  • All versions of the Veterans Administration GI Bill ®

  • The VA Yellow Ribbon Program

  • VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program

  • Department of Defense Tuition Assistance

  • ROTC Scholarships

  • Affiliation with the University of Vermont ROTC Green Mountain Battalion

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More

information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at https://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.

Office of Accessibility

The Office of Accessibility is a resource for students, faculty, and staff that leads the campus community in its commitment to recognize disability as a valued aspect of diversity that is integral to the campus community and society, to embrace access as a matter of social justice, and to design welcoming, accessible, and inclusive environments. The Office of Accessibility facilitates accommodations, training, collaboration, and innovative programming.

The Office of Accessibility works to help Champlain College design barrier-free environments to the extent possible. If some barriers to access cannot be removed in a timely manner, the Office of Accessibility will work one-on-one with students to determine reasonable accommodations. This requires the student to actively engage in the interactive process with the Office of Accessibility and, when needed, with faculty.

We believe that creating and maintaining usable, equitable, and inclusive learning environments is a shared responsibility of the campus community. We work with professors to design learning environments with usability in mind which benefits all students and increases access for all. Our goal is to enable students with disabilities to access their environments as seamlessly as non-disabled students.

The Office of Accessibility will assist Champlain College to make reasonable accommodations for an otherwise qualified student or applicant for admission. The accommodations that students use are put in place to ensure equal access, not success. Students with disabilities are held to the same standard of academic achievement as all other students. 

In order to be eligible to receive accommodations in residence halls, classrooms or extracurricular activities, students must make a request for accommodation, provide documentation, and meet with the Office of Accessibility. It is the responsibility of the student to provide the documentation, meet with the appropriate staff, and request their letter of accommodation be provided to faculty members each semester. More detailed information regarding the College’s accommodations procedures is available online (see link below.) The Office of Accessibility may also be reached in person at Skiff Hall (accessible by the front entrance on S. Willard Street)


Contact Information:

Email: accessibility@champlain.edu;

Phone: (802) 865-5764

Fax: 802-860-2764


Students with grievances related to an accommodation determination, procedures for accommodations, or provision of accommodations are encouraged to resolve the complaint with the Office of Accessibility. If a resolution is not reached, students can submit additional documentation for review. If the accommodation is still not approved, the student can make a request in writing for an additional review by the Vice President of Student Affairs (or designee). 

The student will have 10 calendar days from the date of the denial of the accommodation, to submit the request. The request should state the nature and details of the complaint, the names of other witnesses or participants, and the remedy the student seeks. 

Once a complaint is filed, the Vice President of Student Affairs (or designee) will review the request and make a decision within 10 calendar days of the student’s request and will notify the student of the decision.  The decision of the appeal process is final.

Students also have the right to register a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights. The Office of Civil Rights may be contacted at the following address:

U.S. Dept. of Education

Office of Civil Rights

POCH 222

Boston, MA 02109

Students may also register a complaint with the Vermont Human Rights Commission, at the following address:

Vermont Human Rights Commission

14-16 Baldwin Street

Montpelier, VT 05633-6301

(800) 416-2010 (Toll Free VT)

(802) 828-1625 (Voice)

human.rights@vermont.gov (Email)

If a student feels that any action has been directed against them because of a disability or perception of a disability by College faculty or staff, or another student, the student may contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (802-860-2784) and/or initiate a complaint under the College’s harassment and discrimination policy and complaint procedure (see Harassment and Discrimination Policy).

Office of Community Standards

The Office of Community Standards promotes student learning and holistic development by helping to create a campus culture of respect, civility, and responsibility. We strive to create opportunities for students to respect the dignity of all members of the Champlain community, to respond with honesty and integrity, and to accept responsibility for their actions. 

We endeavor to strike a balance between the needs of an individual student and the Champlain community. We believe graduates of Champlain College will take this learning with them into the workplace as engaged global citizens.

Hearing Officers facilitate one-on-one meetings to discuss alleged violations of the Standard of Conduct, hear student perspectives, explore personal responsibility, hold students accountable and provide educational and restorative outcomes.

The Office of Community Standards also reviews reports as they arrive through the Incident Reporting Form found in the Champlain online portal. These reports are then forwarded on to the appropriate resources on campus. Note: These reports are not intended for emergency response and are only checked Monday through Friday 8AM to 4:30PM. For immediate response please contact Campus Public Safety at 802-865-6465 or 911.

Contact Information: Email: communitystandards@champlain.edu; Phone: (802) 865-6428.

Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Champlain College’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), located in the IDX Student Life Center, aims to create a welcoming, celebrating, and affirming environment for all students, while providing support to specific underrepresented student populations. These underrepresented student populations include students of color, first-generation students, students with high financial need, and new Americans/refugees. The ODI works in collaboration with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members to co-create and sustain a rich campus community. 

The ODI delivers academic, co-curricular, and cultural programming with an emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and social justice. Programs such as Education Empowerment and AHEAD promote curricular success. Social events such as film screenings, book clubs, and educational luncheons promote community building and student identity development in a safe and inclusive environment.

The ODI also collaborates with and supports campus partners including: The Women’s and Gender Center, Office of International Student Services, Student Engagement, Office of Accessibility, Student Resources and Single Parents Program, Housing & Residential Life, Office of Community Standards, Counseling Center, Student Health Center, Admissions, Financial Aid, Academic Divisions, and more. Additionally, the ODI strives to partner with local and national organizations that support and promote diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and social justice.

Contact Information: Email: diversity@champlain.edu; Phone: (802) 860-2780

Student Support Resources

The Office of Student Resources is committed to working closely with students who are seeking resources and needing encouragement as they work toward completing their degree. Student Resources staff coach students in identifying barriers to academic success and exploring possible solutions or manageable plans to address those barriers. The office works to connect students with resources to support a successful degree-seeking experience.

Student Resources staff provide consistent, on-campus support to help students navigate administrative systems and resources both on campus and in the local community. The office works in close collaboration with other departments (The Care Team, Office of Financial Aid, Faculty Advisors, the Registrar’s Office, academic support services, Counseling and Student Health, government and community agencies, etc.) to ensure students have access to all possible resources.  

Student Resources supports all students, however, focuses primarily on students who are:

  • Single and parenting students;

  • living off-campus and commuting;

  • recipients of federal, state, and/or college specific scholarships; 

  • experiencing financial hardship;

  • referred by the Care Team or other campus partner.

Common challenges addressed by the office include but are not limited to:

  • Problem solving and planning for academic success;

  • navigating college life;

  • financial concerns;

  • food insecurity;

  • connections to resources on & off campus (housing, state benefits, childcare, diaper bank, food assistance, etc.);

  • family support and parenting student well-being.

Support services provided include:

  • One-time or on-going non-clinical case management; 

  • a positive and encouraging connection with support staff for students;

  • referrals for off campus support services;

  • managing the Single Parents Program;

  • coordinating the emergency fund for students experiencing financial hardship;

  • collaborating with other departments to offer orientation programs focused on student success;

  • managing the on-campus food security resource, Chauncey’s Cupboard;

  • active member of the Care Team.

Contact information: Email: studentresources@champlain.edu; Phone: (802) 860-2723

Women and Gender Center

The Women’s and Gender Center (WGC) provides a comfortable, inclusive, and fun place for students to hang out, meet new friends, and have meaningful conversation. Students of all gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome to call this place home. The WGC also facilitates educational and supportive programming around three major themes: Empowerment and Leadership Development, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation, and Sexual Violence Prevention.

The Center collaborates across the institution to bring important conversations and events to campus, such as gender identity and pronoun trainings for staff and faculty, a campus-wide International Women’s Day program, and conversations on consent. Primary areas of focus are educational programming, advocacy, affinity space, and human connection and support. While many of our services and programs are geared towards students with non-dominant gender identities and/or sexualities, our center and programming are available for all students to learn and grow together in an inclusive environment.

To stay connected, you can view the WGC’s programming calendar or sign up for the biweekly newsletter. Feel free to visit the WGC in Skiff Annex, Room 102, email the WGC at womensandgender@champlain.edu, or call 802-383-6600 to learn more. The WGC is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.